The life of an action sports photographer demands top performance outdoor products. These brands keep me in motion,
so I can concentrate on imagery.

F-Stop Camera Bags

Loka w/ Shallow Large ICU

My mobility is my job security. I often joke that I chase professional athletes around mountains with a bay window’s worth of glass in my backpack. Keeping me and that glass safe is paramount. F-stop designs gear with only the outdoor action sport photographer in mind. They’re ergonomic, functional, durable, and enables me to move in any terrain.


Yeti Bikes

Yeti Cycles, SBC6

The ‘SB’ in ‘SB6C’ stands for Super Bike, however I think that accolade falls short for this ride, so I refer to mine as a Space Bike from the future. It’s light lightest, most nimble bike I’ve ever owned. The spec on any build is remarkable, the only thing I upgraded out of the box was the front chain ring to an ovular OneUp ring.

G3 -Genuine Guide Gear

Empire Carbon 115mm Skis, Ion Tech Binding

A professional ski photographer skis almost all the terrain he shoots. I just may not flip cliffs with a camera on my back. G3 keeps me at speed with any athlete on their Carbon skis that preform great, and the remarkably well thought out Ion binding. Functionality at the forefront!

Mountain Equipment Co-op

Synergy Gortex Shell, Asgaard -20C Sleeping Bag, Race Face Dig Knee Pads

Years ago I stood in an underground MEC store in Calgary with my father as he picked out a baby blue backpack. Wide eyed I stared I loved the colour and the scale of the store, years later they now support me as a MEC Envoy. Their waterproof outer ware, merino base layers, sleeping bags and tents facilitate my movement everywhere I go.


Ski Boot Custom Footbeds and Liners

The foundation for any athlete is their foot. Surefoot scans your foot, and creates custom foot beds and liners. The foot’s custom built home. Happy feet from day one.


RadarLock Riding Sunglasses, Splice Snow Goggle

My eye site is my an invaluable asset. I’ve partnered with Oakley for the best optics to protect and enhance my vision in any condition. Snow, dirt, rain or shine.


Dissent Labs

Performance Compression Socks

Read: No blisters, moisture wicking, no fat foot syndrome. Also awesome: Compression Knee sleeves. I’ve had a knee surgery in each knee years ago, now, these puppies keep the joints warm and happy!