2015 Pro Photo Showdown – Reuben Krabbe

In the spring of 2009, the organizers of the World Ski Snowboard Festival snuck me into the oversold Pro Photo Showdown. Sporting a freshly torn meniscus, I sat in the back corner of the tech area, and watched Jordan Manley’s winning show, and knew I wanted to compete.

Kootenay BC Foggy Forests

Six years, hundreds of days shooting, countless kilometers, and 4 camera bodies later, that dream became a reality. Once the judges and crowd had cast their ballots, my show won the People’s Choice award. But, the memory that will stand with me is the terrifyingly beautiful sound of 1400 people reacting to my show.

Stephen Matthews, Abbotsford BC

My show will stay offline until early spring 2016, as specific images are key for upcoming campaigns for my clients. To arrange a private showing, please contact me directly.

Dan Treadway, Whistler BC

Thanks to all of the athletes, friends, family, and supporters who have been part of this incredible journey.

Bjarne Salen, Svalbard Norway

Top honors went to Lorenz Holder, who has been an inspiration to my own photography for many years. Click here to watch Lorenz’s winning show

Skiing under the Aurora Borealis

Tobin Seagel skiing under the Aurora Borealis, Yukon Tombstone Territorial Park.
This single image was the inspiration for our entire trip for SBC Skier Magazine

To one’s eye it burns above, but from no fuel
It dances without rhythm, ebbs and flows upon it’s own accord
To one’s skin it offers no warmth
Without warning, it doubles back and surges forward
To one’s year, curtains waving in the wind, a trick of the mind
Wind nor gale can blow the magical flames
To one’s nose and mouth, it pays no notice
Fire of the sky

Thanks to everyone who made this happen. It took a village. Tobin Seagel, Dave Gheriani, Joel Jacques, Tyson Bourgard, Isabel Lindeman, John Irvine, Jason Mousseau, Les Anthony, Jeff Schmuck, and many more.

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