Culture shock is normally experienced on oversea adventures, or in most remote destinations which cannot be accessed by regular travel. However the Redbull Rampage packs a culture shock punch like no other. It is the largest gathering of twisted thinking riders and builders. Their approach and vision for riding bikes exceeds that of the rest of the relatively sane folk. Relatively sane folk who still throw their bodies down the sides of mountains.

Arriving at the rampage site building was already underway and I worked on a pre-event photo series for Pinkbike.Click the photo below

Builders were working on trail and stunts in areas of the site which I would see as unridable, areas with such high exposure, loose dirt, or incredibly technical moves I couldn’t contemplate riding myself. However as the build process and the event progressed, the culture shock wares off, my vision and risk acceptance became distorted, and more of it started to make sense. You could etch the line into the dirt, it was possible to make that transfer. Slowly I had become one of the insane desert rats, building and shaping inconceivable lines through soft red dirt and shale.

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