I had a landmark moment in my life last week. I got sunburnt earlier in this new year, than in any year before. On March 1st I returned from the hill with squinting eyes and a glowing face. Not much of a burn, just one of those minor ones which morphs into a budding goggle tan by morning, but a burn no less.

Applying aloe vera brought around smells of spring and summer. Of lazy days at alpine lakes, of long warm days and bluebird skies, of… dare I say it? Bikes? But thats still all too far off. There are too many face shots, deep turns, backcountry tours and spring corn days to enjoy before I really switch gears.

We’ve waited too long for winter to get all worked up about summer. Rekindle your impatience, evoke the stoke, there is snow much skiing yet to be had.


Austin Ross, on a downright ugly morning in Whistler. A kind of ugly we are all happy to wake up to.