Six months from today will be August 28th 2011. The northern hemisphere’s last ski season will start to blend in with those of previous years, British Colombians will have seen many thousands of hectares of land burned in summer forest fires, ski resort plazas abuzz with mountain bikers and foreign tourists snapping pictures, photo editor’s inboxes will finally become un-clogged after receiving all the ski photographers’ images from the year.


And, every skier will be wishing they were six months back; in the middle of an amazing ski season.


As a Canadian the words from Joni Mitchell’s Big Yellow Taxi come to mind: “Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” Though she wasn’t singing about skiers’ separation anxiety from fluffy white snow, the phrase sure as hell applies.


This is it; the sport we love in the peak of it’s season. It doesn’t get any better than looking out my window to see blue skies, while checking the forecast seeing another storm rolling in to pummel the mountains.


So; take a moment to appreciate and cherish it, before it’s gone.