101103untitled shoot3283

101103untitled shoot

Several months ago I was contacted by Ian (below) from the Aidrie based band To Die For. They were looking for some new promo images, but didn’t really know what type. The key point was that the group really had to be different; something you don’t see every day. On some projects you can look around for inspiration; finding some feature in other people’s work to generate images with a slightly different approach. But for TDF the main instruction I was given ruled out that type of creative process.
Instead I took a look at the types of images I look forward, think about, and work on the most. They are often quite technical in nature, and take different photographic techniques from different genres of photography. The end result is above: star trail/long exposure shots which are usually done with landscapes married with portraiture.

Ian TDF 3

I also got called in by Fall City Fall, a great Calgary band who I’ve had the pleasure to work with many times before. This time the band gave me almost 100% creative control which was great, however intimidating. You have no idea if they have hidden expectations of any sort, and if you are aligning with what they’re secretly hoping to get. We shot just outside their jam space which backs onto an industrial area of town, the industrial card has been played many times before in band photography. But with a couple tweaks of perspective and lighting the product is a new take on a classic theme.