Updating the lazy leg lightstand has been on my to do almost since posting the original tutorial. Although easy, effective, and cheap, the hitch pins never seemed like the best solution to the modification.
Several visits to hardware stores, confused sales staff ‘you want to do what with that tripod?’ and a little bit of luck ‘check out a plumbing supply store’ and I’ve got a new better, sexier, (as sexy as lightstands and hardware can be) quicker, solution to the lazy leg modification.

Everything has changed: the only similar part in this modification is when you drill out the rivet which connects the supporting arms to the lightstand’s leg.
Nothing has changed: The lightstand modification solves the same problem with a very similar solution. The only thing different is we toss out the hitch pin and add a sliding collar, known as a ‘Split Ring Hanger’ which can be found at your local plumbing supply store.

The original blog post and video can be found here