Whats on your bucket list?
No, not the olympic medalist, sky diving, everest climbing list. I’m talking about your ‘Big Goals in Photography’ list. You are on your death bed, what photography related objectives must have achieved by this time to die without regrets?

Having a photo bucket is more than ego strokes and bar stories.
The list keeps you on a focussed path towards milestones in your personal, artistic and business goals. Without an idea of where you want to go, how do you know if you are getting there?
As artists we don’t often have the milestones set up for us with massive group celebrating, we don’t have a university commencement ceremony and wear funny hats, we don’t have ribbon cutting on a new development. Having a list helps recognize your achievements on our paths in life.
Success; what do we define it by? A bucket list is a great way to track successes. If you mark success at a specific point, will you have the same drive to continue working? If success is single destination, you are finished once you arrive there. With a list you continually track your progress, growth and achievements, without coming to a definitive end to your learning.

Self Portrait MTB -Bike Mag Photo Annual

‘Get a picture of me/taken by me, into a magazine’
I made this goal before I was really interested in photography, however its now one of the lines on my photography bucket list. On July 21st 2010, I crossed it off. The image is in Bike Magazine’s 2010 Photo Annual. Although I partially completed this goal earlier (photo taken by me) it wasn’t fully completed until today.

A sample of my list;
-Photoshoot from a Heli
-Photo of me or taken by me, in a magazine. July 21 2010
-National Geographic (pretty sure that one is on every photographer’s list)
-A whole bunch of specific photographs (but those are secret till i get those shots)

I hope you start your own list if you haven’t already. And share with others when you’ve crossed one off. Share with your friends, -photographers or not- and celebrate the milestones, and successes. To share with this photo community, share on this blog, or, I’ve created A Flickr Group which you can join, and when you scratch one off your list share the moment with us!