The holy grail of DIY is making functional equipment to replace expensive brand name products. So I’ve been working on getting this new DIY wireless Pocket Wizard tutorial. No longer do you need to spend a couple hundred bucks on one of those fancy transmitters when you can make it yourself.


Soldering Gun

Electrical Solder

Circuitry Wire

Schematic (below)

The resistors and whatnots as described in said schematic.

Step 1)

Follow this schematic to build the transmitter. It should be very self explanatory, If you haven’t used an schematic to build circuits ask a friend who has.
Once you are done the circuitry should look like this;

For blog; DIY pocket wizard

Step 2)

Now that we have the technical stuff down and a working transmitter you’ll need to put the transmitter inside something to protect the circuitry from dirt/dust/grime or being accidentally bumped.
We’ll also need a foot so your new trigger can sit in the shoe of your camera. You can actually order spare pocket wizard feet (feet go in shoes), they are pretty cheap too.

Here is my finished DIY Pocket Wizard on camera.


Hope I got you!
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